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Friday, 18 April 2008

Ideas Competition Porto

The aim of the competition was to motivate participants to propose ideas and concepts for a “temporary animation” of one (or more) space(s) of their choice, within the limits of Porto’s District, in the context of an ephemeral event of some kind. Each participant or group could submit as many entries as desired and was asked to present:

- an A6 flyer, that would work as an invitation for a visit to the vacant address in which the proposed activity and/or object would take place, that had to contain the address and a short description of the Project;

- two A3 sheets containing a small text with a short description of the idea and its function, the reasons for the choice of the place, the explanation of the construction aspects and/or the necessary means to implement the Project, and a graphic representation of the proposal making it possible to compare beetween the “before” and the “during”/”after” of the intervention (weather an activity or an object).

For those who were not familiar with the city of Porto, it was possible to find information about some places that could be interesting to work over in the competition’s internet site.

(Here can be some small images of the examples we provided)

Fourteen projects by authors from five countries (Austria, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Portugal) were submitted.
Comprising a wide variety of themes and different levels of complexity the proposals ranged from the most simple of gestures to the most utopian of views.

List of Projects

Uma intervenção com pouco S(A)AL
Sandra Ferreira (Portugal)

Antigo Cinema
Christie Cornelio (Brazil)

“Breaking doors – Climbing walls”

Porta – Muro
Christie Cornelio (Brazil)

Time Slot
Daniel Ehrl (Germany)

Terreno e fachada
Christie Cornelio (Brazil)

Casa Oliveira
Manfred Eccli (Italy)

Durchgang - Passage
Viktor Eccli (Italy)

Terreno e Empena
Christie Cornelio (Brazil)

ShineOn – Learning from Las Vegas
José Rodrigues (Portugal)

Cinema Arrábida
Diogo Matos, Nicolás Perfumo, Paulo Moreira (Portugal)

Looping Archidroids Maps in Moradavaga
Paulo Maias de Carvalho (Portugal)

Josseline Engeler (Germany)

41 livros, 4 pernas e muitos olhos
Joana Cadima, Bárbara Baptista (Portugal)

After the period for submission ended, all the proposals saw their way into a catalogue besides being published on the competition’s internet site.

Click here to see the catalogue in pdf-format

Moradavaga would like to thank all the participants as well as all those who helped in the realization of this competition.

Collaborators on the project:

Pedro Durães Leite (Architect)
Diogo Cerveira Paradinha (Architect)

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