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Tuesday, 9 June 2009


The PERISKOP MORADAVAGA is an installation made for the art festival „el globo de juan“ at Velha-a-branca that took place in Braga, Portugal on the 6th and 7th of June 2009.
The PERISKOP was designed to occupy the center of the main stair of the building, between the ground floor and the top floor.
The object is made of recycled cardboard and includes different periscope views between the house levels.
Some videos about Moradavaga’s recent works were also shown at the exhibition.
The success of the PERISKOP at the festival was such that the period for visiting was extended until the end of June!

PERISKOP’s current address:
23 Largo da Senhora-a-Branca
Braga 4710, Portugal

Concept and construction: Manfred Eccli, Pedro Cavaco Leitão
Logistics and technical support: Joana Dias Cadima
Music in the videos Miragens and Periskop Berlin: Stefan Sparer, Christian Wohlgemuth
Many thanks to Sr. Marco and colleagues, LaMiRe´
Link festival: el globo de juan
Link velha-a-branca

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