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Monday, 1 June 2009

Antizoo Moradavaga - Noche de luna llena

16 - 19th of July 2008 - Segovia, Spain
Workshop, exhibition and safari with children to discover the city of Segovia in a different way

click here to see the video of the event

We present you the ANTIZOO MORADAVAGA:

A Zoo is a prison for the animals. They’re incarcerated, away from their natural environment, and at the disposal of human beings.
With MORADAVAGA’s ANTIZOO we will identify those “animals-spaces” that surrounds us and are in danger of extinction or that, for one reason or the other, we don’t seem to value at a given time, to liberate them and invest them with a new concept of utility for Segovia, integrating them in the city’s urban tissue. We’ll also be finding “animals-spaces” that have adapted and coexisted with Segovia’s many changes and evolutions throughout history, and that have become protected species.
Together with MORADAVAGA we will create a Natural Park in which children will act as our guides, for only them, with their unpolluted and imaginative vision, will be capable of showing grownups what their eyes have been missing and, because of that, abandoning and letting rot.

This ANTIZOO’s sees the urban territory as a big Natural Park inside of which there are many different species of “animals-spaces”. Here we can find animals in danger of extinction (ruined and abandoned buildings), for which we must find solutions, otherwise they will disappear, parasite animals (like theatres converted into fast food restaurants), protected animals (national and world heritage buildings), etcetera. Our goal is to recover the endangered animals and mime the ones that have been capable of surviving in the city so that they can all find a harmonious future in the urban territory.

Our aim is to make children aware of their own power to transform the urban spaces with their imagination, since tomorrow these spaces will be the ones in which they will carry out their own projects and dreams. We also want for them to identify the different problematics that affect various urban spaces and that they try to come up with imaginative and creative solutions.

What you have in front of your eyes it’s the result of the transforming and imaginative capacity of the children that have participated in this activity.

Welcome to the ANTIZOO!

Many thanks to Caritas, Klein, ParamotionFilms, Noche de luna llena, Segovia Joven and Rafael Ordorika

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