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Thursday, 2 February 2006


Moradavaga comes into being at a moment in which we observe the conversion of different urban areas and the discussion in different circles of society about which strategies to adopt regarding the re-use for places of “uncertainty” in our citiesBearing in mind that the times we are living in are not so different from preceding ones (and those to come...), given that our surroundings have been in permanent mutation, we consider as natural (and probably cyclical...) these processes of overlapping, destruction and reconstruction that have always marked the evolution of our cities and landscapes.

As in agriculture, with the crop rotation, in which the plantation of different species alternates with a rest period for the soil to improve its fertility, for one reason or the other even in the cities we can observe the phenomenon of more and less intensive use of certain areas while others turn into a state of expectancy.

These areas in a kind of “waiting-status”, and their re-conversion, if only for a short period of time, are the thematic of the initiative Moradavaga.

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